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In the "Textual Portrayals of Female Athletes, Liberation or Nuanced Forms of Patriarchy?" , which is written by Victoria Carty, represents changes perspectively and socially that female athletes have been treated fairly and they have the same opportunities as well as participating in some challenging games as male in sports since the implementation of Title IX in 1972. Carty gathers some TV commercials (Nike) and analyze advertisements (Gear, Sports Illustrated, Women's Sports and Fitness, and The National Sports Review) giving examples to show achievements that female athlets have made, and they have contracted endorsement deals that made lots of fortune from sponsors and agents. For example, Venus has a $40 million five-year deal with Reebok, the largest single endorsement deal ever for a female athlete. But there is another example that female athlete can own large sum of money not because of perfomance at sport game but of sex appeal. That is Anna Kournilova, a tennis player. However, when it comes to the gender and sex issues, things become complicated.In the article, Carty illustrates through two different perspective ways. First one is from the postfeminist perspective that the use of sex appeal by women are empowered.The other one is from the socialist feminist perspective that male magazine industry would benefit. Meanwhile, she describles two different feminisms which are Depoliticized Feminism (Bodyism, Nudity, and Sex Appeal) and Politicized Feminism. But most impotantly is to show the ways between relationships and herterosexuality that women should be feminity.As well, she gives examples of black female athletes and white female athletes that is to present racism which has been treated unfairly because of white female athletes are more "feminine" than black female. But female athletes still being the controversial issue of being feminity or masculinity.
1. Why do female athletes have to be sexy or "feminine apperance" in commercials or magazines instead of being athletic or real themselves?
2.How do we define Feminity and Masculinity?

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I have the same question as you. That is why commercials must show feminine appearance or sexy bodies of female athletes, even though their sports achievements are also very outstanding and may catch more attention than their bodies do. I think it may be because the traditional perspective on female still exists and impacts us. Even though female athletes have shown their excellent achievement on the sports, in our, especially in men’s deep mind, we still think they are inferior to men. The only thing about they worth our attention is their bodies or sexy appearances.

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