Day Nineteen: March 30



Some more examples discussing Serena Williams:

1. Another Serena Williams' commercial via Misol's post:

2. McKay and Johnson write:

Rowe (1990, p. 409) argues that gender hierarchies are threatened whenever women's bodies are deemed to be excessive: 'too fat, too mouthy, too old, too dirty, too pregnant, too sexual (or not sexual enough) for the norms of conventional gender representation'. Following Schulze (1990, p. 198), we can add muscularity to this list of corporeal transgressions: '[t]he deliberately muscular woman disturbs dominant notions of sex, gender, and sexuality, and any discursive field that includes her risks opening up a site of contest and conflict, anxiety and ambiguity'. While muscularity in women and men is becoming an increasingly desirable body type it is, in the twenty-first century, hyper- muscularity in women that threatens heteronormative gender relations (Heywood & Dworkin, 2003).

From eonline:

Serena fits into women's tennis the same way she fits her famously skimpy outfits: busting out all over.

Not just too good, Serena is too much for Tennis: Too much muscle, too much serve (hers would have been the world's fastest, for men or women, as recently as the 1970s), too much hair, too much skin, too much sexy, too much winning (13 Grand Slams plus 12 in doubles) and too much money ($32M career winnings, the most of any woman in any sport, behind only three men in tennis).

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