Video on disabled sex

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I think this video from national geographic is really interested and fits in well with the wilkerson article and the class in general. The video address the idea that disabled people are often not seen as sexual. Their needs are often ignored. I think it's really interesting that the government will pay for sex for disabled people. It also brings up a lot of good points about prostitution in general, and the morality of it.

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This is an interesting video. Especially at the end when the lady talks about how being disabled does not justify practicing sexual practices with a prostitute. First we would have to think about the reasons disabled people had to turn to prostitutes in order to fulfill their sexual desire. Disabled people are often viewed as people without sexual desire, but they do have the same needs and need a way to satisfy them. Also, prostitues made a decision to become a prostitue and participate in such business. Before criticizing the justification of disabled people's sexual practices, I believe we should think about the conditions the "normal" people have set up which inevitably had disabled people turn to alternatives that are viewed unnatural for those "normal" people.

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