What does sex have to do with.. Justin Beiber?

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The media recently found when Justin Bieber went from his flip like hair, to his short hair to help a cause he lost a lot of his fan base. For example with his twitter, he lost over 50,000 followers the day his hair was shown to be cut off. Why as a society are we so invested into looks? The physical attractions are important but not as important as what they are doing. He still makes trendy songs, that people like and he is doing a good job. So i ask what does justin bieber have to do with sex?

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I think just like any other Teen heartthrob, girls just don't know how they feel when it comes to them and such a change could devastate their lives. But I think him cutting his hair shorter is him trying to transition into a more adult and or sexy image and trying to stray away from being just a kid. I think its a process of him growing up with himself and his fans.

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