What's sex got to do with... Angels Falling?

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I saw this commercial on TV recently, unfortunately youtube doesn't have it in English. Basically it's an Axe Commercial, but you don't find that out till the very end. But apparently angels will fall if you wear it? The women who play the angles are also very attractive and are willing to give themselves up for the guy, which they show by tossing their halos. Isn't this a bit ridiculous? What does this say about society and how we view sex? What are your opinions on this commercial?

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I agree, this commercial is a bit ridiculous. The message I got from it is that if men wear Axe, then they could get any girl to fall in love with them...and angels will fall from the sky, willing to go 'bad' just to be with a man who wears Axe. The angels are another thing to consider. They all look like models...giving the portrayal that only thin, beautiful woman can be angels.

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