What's Sex Got To Do With... Having a Cold?


The commerical says, "Thankfully it even works on the man-cold." I think this suggests that somehow when men have colds, it is far worse than when women have colds. So this DayQuil will be strong enough to work on the "man-cold." What do you think about what this commerical is saying? How is it influencing society and at whose cost and benefit?


What I took from that commercial was that men are whinier and use the fact that they have a cold as an excuse to not move and to wallow in self-pity.

I think the intent of the commercial is to say that it takes a much stronger cold to put a big, strong man in this position of weakness. Of course, by saying that men only are sick like this with a powerful cold it implies that women get sick all the time and are weaker. It's an interesting way to try and sell a product.

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