What's sex got to do with shoes and beer?

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The following video is an international example of the media's perpetuation of gender roles. The video is a German commercial for Heineken and is a very blatant play on gender roles regarding a woman's love of shoes and a man's love of beer. I think there is a significant amount of women who enjoy beer as much as men...especially in Germany.


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This Heineken commercial is broadcasted all over the world because they are the sponsor for the UEFA champions league. I've seen this commercial more than two dozen times when I was watching football(soccer) matches. I do agree that this commercial is based on each gender conforming to what is considered the "normal" behavior. European countries are more open about drinking and certainly greater number of females drink more than females in America. It's part of "doing sex" and generalizing but i think this commercial is basing its idea on general notion that males drink more than females and more females are interested in fashion. Especially because this commercial is to target the global market.

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