What's Sex Got To Do With...Jennifer Hudson?

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As I have been seeing Weight Watchers commercials and I have noticed that Jennifer Hudson has been looking smaller and smaller. I have noticed the same thing happening to comedienne Mo'Nique, model Tocarra and actress Queen Latifah. This concerns me because these women specifically have been celebrated for have fuller-figured and curvaceous bodies, especially in the Black community. For whatever reason, these women have been losing so much weight, losing the body type that has made them famous from the beginning. These women have also spearheaded a movement to include these body types in the standard of beauty and to increase the self esteem of younger women that may look like them. They have been celebrated for breaking the barriers for fuller-figured women in the entertainment industry. But now their bodies look drastically different. Why do you think that is......?

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I feel like many women are praised for their full figure because they did not fit the norm yet they re-thought the concept of what is attractive. I feel like many of these women are very powerful and determined, and that's why they have their status. I feel like the media just expects these women to conform because the stereotypical image of an attractive female is something they are not.

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