What's Sex Got to Do with...Shampoo?


This commercial begins with a man flipping through a magazine and the herbal essences ad is on one of the pages. The woman gets all excited and the man notices this, maybe he thought she was looking at his penis??? (the magazine was in his lap).
It almost looks like this guy is about to get lucky...running up the stairs, shedding clothes, but she locks herself in the bathroom to wash her hair! From the sounds of it, the shampoo is making her orgasm and he's unsure of what to do! Oh yes, yes, yes! And then, magically, her hair is dry and he's still standing outside the bathroom door and then enters and says, "wow!" She makes the comment, "You only want me for my body" and he looks at the camera with a 'you're right' kind of look.

I think that the sexual references of this commercial were done because sex sells. Basically, you should buy this shampoo because it is so good that it's orgasmic. This brings up another point...why wouldn't we see this commercial done with a man using this shampoo?

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