What's sex got to with SmartWater?


This is a video that I found on youtube. It's not the typical commercial you would think of. They use Jennifer Aniston as a selling tool for Smartwater. Jennifer uses dogs and puppies in her ad to make viewers watch it because animals is a huge hit. Cute puppies all over Jennifer Aniston and some of them were on her lap and looking around in her private area at 1:06. She uses a parrot and suggests that the parrot says, "I love smartwater!" There are babies dancing with each other and they get a little bit too close and jennifer says its dirty dancing and we could be arrested for this! A guy pops out and he is in love with Jennifer Aniston but she comes and kicks him in the groin. Another example but most obvious is when she is drinking smartwater in a sexy way but in a slow motion. The guys stare at her while she drinks it. This is the final and last example they used, clearly using Jennifer Aniston for a marketing tool.

Thomas Jang

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