28 billion dollar increase?!


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Q: Why are we funding sex education that doesn't work?!

What cost is the federal government willing to pay at the expense of our children?
-Financially, emotionally, physically, etc.


I do believe he says 200 millions, but both are a very high price to pay for a program that does not work. I find it hilarious how the The news reporter and other interviewee attack the abstinence only representative while she repeatedly says the same things. The abstinence only rep keeps saying the information they are saying is incorrect yet is unable to provide specific details as to what the program does actually teach. The news report does say that it's a "bait to trade with hardcore conservatives who would like them to work", and I think this news report shows just that. It feels like sexual education is not important to the government and is like part of a trade used to get something more important.

I think it's very interesting that there are states that are refusing federal funding for this program because it has been shown to be ineffective. What they should do is spend that money on figuring out what DOES work.

I agree Xiao she truly does not have a good reason why abstinence programs do not stating that there is a "coordinated plan by historic opponents of abstinence education... through misinformation and misguided, selective science regarding abstinence". What sense does that make? What interest does this have of political powers to lie about teens having sex and endanger young lives?

She then goes on to say that abstinence only education have to be taught repetitively, which may be true, but it is also another way of forcing social structures into the minds of young people. I think that our society as a whole needs to assess they ways in which teens are practices sex.

Are teens having sex with multiple partners, or one partner? It seems as though abstinence only simply shelters children causing them experiment dangerously instead of giving them the options and tools that they need to make their own decisions. We need to give the youth more credit them they are getting.

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