A few reminders


Here are a few reminders:

  • You can get extra credit (15 points!) for doing one blog post on a few of the presentations. Not only will you earn extra credit, but you can give other students' feedback on their presentations. 
  • Final blog folder hand in on the last day of class (May 4th). In order to get credit for blog assignments (worth 10% of your total grade, or 100 points), you must hand in your blog folder WITH COMPLETED WORKSHEET (download here) and printed out copies of entries/comments/tweets.
  • You must attend class for all three days of presentations (even on the days that you are not presenting). Attend class for your section (A with Sara, B with Brittany, C with Elakshi).
  • Post some comments on open thread on presentations


If we turned in the blog folder and already got full credit (114 points) do we need to turn it in again?

No, if you have already received full credit on your folder, you don't need to turn it in again.

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