"Children Having Children" Initial Summary

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This article explores the debate of sexual education for children and young adults, and the differences in abstinence-only and abstinence-plus educations. This article closely analyzes the connections between race, sex, and sexual education in a "predominantly
African American and low-income schools system."(P.553) The article speaks to the effect that teen pregnancy in the south is regarded as a social problem. It draws upon interviews and statistics to parallel poverty and teen pregnancy, and also upon the situation of abstinence-plus or abstinence-only education in schools. The debate for both sides discusses the aspect of risk within each way of educating. Abstinence-only education supports the idea that teaching anything more than obtaining from sex is encouraging, and influence young adults to have sex. The Abstinence-plus side argues that considering the already high statistics given for teen pregnancy, the sex education curriculum should provide information about safe sex. With both of these curriculums, each discusses the issues of risk with each.
While this article focuses on the debate between abstinence-only and abstinence-plus education, the broader questions raised are about race, teen pregnancy, and sex education. Mentioned in the article, there is a racial split that exists where whiteness is seen as pureness, and blackness is linked to promiscuity. Although the education claims to be gender and race neutral, there is a racial divide when it comes to sexual education. By having a racial divide in the way we educate, we are enabling a culture and providing the framework for the ideology being created. As far as questions are concerned, this raised many for me. Who decides what the proper way to educate, what can be done if parents don't agree with this education system? What about sex-ed in the private schools in the South? Where is the emphasis on male education and awareness within the article?

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Your summary is very interesting, I feel like we got a lot of the same things out of this article. One aspect that I wish we got more information on is the racial divide, the "racist statement" provided in the article really put this argument into perspective for me. Euro Americans are so ignorant of the racial divide in Southern County that when it is acknowledged they immediately get defensive about it and charge her with racism. This to me is an example of our society today, White Privilege DOES exist but we would rather ignore it and just label it racist.

Being Euro American myself I can admit I have been extremely ignorant of this issue until I read the White Privilege article in the beginning of the semester, that article and this one really help put the issue in a whole new light for me. If you haven't read the White Privilege article do it now, it's short and really eye opening.

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