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The article "Children having Children," embedded issues of race, gender, sexuality, and religion. The author Jessica Fields discusses how purity and sexual innocence is often linked to whiteness, and that low income or African American girls are generally excluded from the privileging and protective invocation of innocence. Furthermore, while race is evidently effected, gender has more subtly injustice. The rhetoric forestalls concern about boys' and men's sexualities especially. Concern for young men, of any race, is hardly brought up in the debate anymore whatsoever. The experience of being able to discuss these through the blog and when leading the class discussion was a really great experience. Some of the questions we asked were about how race and gender are affected by abstinence only education, which are good questions to explore, but through the diablog and leading class discussion we could really explore them in depth. This allowed us to examine how religion plays a role and different controversies regarding teen pregnancy. Through the discussions, we were also able to relate our presentation with earlier readings from this year. We discussed how this relates to work by Belle Hooks and "Selling Hot Pussy," and how abstinence only programs hyper-sexualize female black bodies. We also could relate it to "White Privilege" and how if a white young teen gets pregnant, it isn't a reflection of their race, whereas if a young black teen gets pregnant, it is a reflection of their race. Overall, it was a great discussion to explore our article in depth!

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Through our discussion throughout out the week we also realized that often times it is hard for us to put things into context because even as young adults we fail to remember the sexual curiosity that we have experienced. Lack of sex education can perpetuate the cycle of endangering lives because of stubbornness. Although Field's gives the example of the argument "...sexual knowledge would defile young people and initiate them sexually" (551), it has become very apparent to me that lack of education is far more dangerous that educating children and giving them access to the help that they need to lead healthy, productive lives. Abstinence only methods of sex education is very limiting and often leads to unhealthy sexual practices because of the innate curiosity within us. Despite the fact that Fields focused mainly on African American girls and their battles with a lack of sexual respect it has become evident through the video and the reading that teens and young adults need to be sexually liberated, which that will be the best method of salvaging their bodies and preventing the psychological damage that is caused be engaging in sex before one is ready.

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