Day Twenty-one: April 11


  • Folders will be returned on Wednesday, or by latest, Friday
  • Extra Credit Opportunity: Post a 250 word reflection on 1-2 of the group project presentations by other students in the class. Earn 15 points. 
  • family values and parenting: living up to ideal family, (over) protecting kids
  • innocence/purity
  • panic/sex as threat
  • sex as bad: dangerous, risky, unhealthy, sinful, dirty

Fahs: The obsession with restraining sexual expression (via abstinence-only education, purity balls, virginity clubs, ritualized celibacy pledges) results in: 

  • highly gendered social space 
Gendered Division: 
GIRLS don't want sex, must be protected from submitting; they want "real love" 
BOYS always want sex, must learn to control urges; driven by lust/desire, not "love"

  • normalizes the oppression of women's bodies 
  • severe control over their developing sexual expression 
  • reinscription of their bodies as sexual property 
  • women's bodies as exchanged between men (fathers to husbands) 
  • communities of women organized around negation of their sexual desire 
  • little attention to mothers in sexual socialization process 
  • old-fashioned ideas about women as "tarnished" and "impure" when sexually active 
  • lack of access to reliable information
Narrow definition of sex: 124-125. 

According to the authors, we need ways to talk about and understand women's (and men's) sexuality and sexual health outside of the purity/protection/control model. 

A PSA by Bristol Palin and "the Situation" for the Candie's Foundation
For more on the Candie's Foundation and the potential mixed messages they send through their "pause before you play" campaign and their shoe ads, see this entry from Feminist For Choice.

Reactions? Does this PSA create/reinforce "highly gendered social space"? How?

The "I Have Sex" Campaign to protect Planned Parenthood: 

Reactions? (How) does this campaign move outside of the purity/protection/control model?

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