Diablog #7 Summary (Levine, Fahs)

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Judith Levine describes her book and sexual education as misleading in America. She talks about how sexual education isn't working for teenagers anymore. She states many facts that include that the United States leads the world in every sexual problem. She tried to publish her book but had some problems with it. Some say that the book isn't parent-friendly and it is harmful to minors which could lead to fear. She also describes that women and children need special protection because of all of the predators that rape children. It also includes a great description of past and gender roles in sexuality. It says that in the 1970's male behavior hasn't changed but women did. She also includes that black people are the highest in having STD's, second comes Hispanics, next comes Euro- Americans. It is suggested that teen sex is from peer pressure, drinking, drugs, rap music, and pornography. Another reason why teens have sex is because teens want to have a sense of beauty, worthiness, happiness or power, and that is feels good. She wants people to get a better sexual education and that parenting has an important effect to teenagers developing in their sexuality.

Breanne Fahs describes the usage of chastity clubs, virginity pledges, and purity balls. She describes that more and more colleges and Universities, especially Ivy league schools are developing more chastity and virginity clubs. She tends to argue both sides but gives great descriptions of why these clubs and purity balls are false. She includes that every chastity and virginity clubs give false sexual information. They give out statistics that are false and for example the use of condoms. It says that condoms are tend to break and cause unwanted pregnancies and lead to STD's. It is a false statement because condoms actually have proven to decrease the risk and it works 98% of the time. The majority of chastity clubs, virginity clubs, and purity balls have a relationship to a religious background, usually Christianity. They promote that girls have to stay abstinence free until marriage. In fact, stats have shown that girls that are in these programs are more likely to have sexual intercourse and fail to reach their goal. A good point was made when they asked the girls what does purity mean? Most of girls couldn't explain it.

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Some questions for the class and discussion:
1. What do you think is a better way to approach teenagers about sexual education or is it fine the way it is now?

2. Do you agree for very young children to sign a pledge at a a young age and to learn about being abstinence free until marriage? and do you believe that religion should play a role for sexual behavior?

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