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In the article "Daddy's Little Girls," it is stated that virginity clubs, chastity clubs are promoting to be abstinence free but What about the other people in the world that are sexually active. In the article it is described that virginity, chastity clubs are giving false sexual education. It is true and they are stating false information. They promote information that states that condoms break and causes STD's and unintended pregnancies. Well that may be somewhat true because yes, condoms due break but overall it isn't because condoms work at a rate of 98%. Having condoms break are less than 1%. The odds are that a person may have sex but USE a condom. People make a mistake because they aren't well sex-educated. Teens believe they know everything about sex but they don't. They need to know that it is a risk factor! The article mentions that these clubs that have girls that want to wait to have sex until marriage is more likely to have sex with older men. They also promote against homo-sexual's because these clubs are Biblically based. Why does it have to be Biblically based because we all don't believe in the same religion and some aren't religious?

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