Diablog Follow Up: Pregnancy Pacts

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Here's the other end of the spectrum from Virginity pledges:


Another instance of peer pressure influencing teen behavior. The teenagers involved here intentionally got pregnant. So even though they might have been aware of safe sex practices, they simply ignored them. Do you think that lack of sex education could have resulted in the above scenario, or that it wouldn't have made a difference?

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After watching this video, I was shocked and speechless. To answer your question of the lack of sex education, I would say No! This is just poor judgement skills. These girls are in high school and should have known better. To me, this is common sense. This is probably the most outrageous/stupidest thing ever done. How can these girls be pregnant before the age of 16? How can a girl have a baby who's father is a 24 year old homeless man? It is stated that in Massachusetts, it is rape for a person to have sex with someone under the age of 16. The older men should have better knowledge and should be punished. All I can say to these girls is good luck raising a baby.

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