Diablog Follow Up: Purity Balls


In the article, "Daddy's little girls," Breanne Fahs includes a great description about the information about purity balls. She says that it seems like girls are presenting their virginity as a property instead of an autonomous entities. I agree with this statement that she has made. Virginity isn't a property and I can't believe these girls are signing a pledge to stay abstinence. I am not disagreeing about staying abstinence but it shouldn't be viewed as a property and nothing should be signed. Fahs also includes that girls that do join have a higher rate of becoming sexual active. Fahs also brings in a great point by saying asking the girls what is the definition of purity? Most of the girls couldn't give a definition. When I was watching this video, I could tell that these kids were too young to commit to something like this. At a young age, yes they will listen to grown-ups and follow the right path but once they hit middle/high school, it is a much different scenario. Males and females are changing especially hormones and puberty.

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