Diablog Group Summary #6


Victoria Carty's article, "Textual Portrayal of Female Athletes" outlined the difficulties in the balance between masculinity and femininity in athletics. Throughout the article Carty insists that different interpretations how the sexuality and sex appeal of women, especially female athletes, are used for marketing purposes can coexist. In particular Carty explains the views of radical feminists and post feminists on the topic of women in sports. Also, the feelings towards the way in which female athletes go about expressing themselves and advertising were discussed through the eyes of radical feminists and post feminists. Additionally, Carty claims that sexuality and sex appeal are portrayed and received differently depending on races. Especially, she talks about the different ways in which black female athletes are talked about compared to white female athletes. Black female athletes are seen much more through their athletic achievements, where white female athletes have their sex appeal as the main focus of the media. Lastly, she also compares female athletes to male athletes because she thinks that the way to describe their sexuality and sex appeal is different. Carty insists that male athletes tend to less use their bodies as sex appeal to endorse certain products in commercial than female athletes. The discussion of these topics gave a broad overview as to the way in which the media portrays female athletes, and how our society responds to that portrayal. While a few years old, Carty's article still brings up important issues surrounding gender, race, and sex appeal in female athletics.

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