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In Levine's "Harmful to Minors" she discuss Americas fears about child sexuality. Her whole argument is that sexual politics is harmful to minors because parents don't want to confront this issue. As a society popular fears revolve around what is the most vulnerable and in this case it is women and children. Levine's links poverty and sex as moral priorities she says, "The moral issue of sex should not be linked in a separate category of life... it should not be separate form art, education, politics." (xxxiv) Levine's book want to show that sex is not harmful to minors along with America's efforts for protecting kids from sex is protecting them from nothing. She wants America to realize sex and happiness is a part of growing up and if you don't have that your missing out on a big part of life.

In Fahs "Daddy's Little Girls" it talks about the push and dramatic increase of abstinence only education. Clubs in middle school all the way threw college have become increasingly poplar since the 1996 welfare reform act. Fahs talks about the standard of boys and girls and what has become socially acceptable in society. She quotes men are "of the mind" and women are "of the body"; meaning it is ok for men to want sex as long as women resist it. This double standard that has proven to be more risky for people not having sex but doing things like oral sex which has a higher SDI rate. Fahs wants to argue can we still push for abstinence education but also preparing children incase they choose to become active in the future?

I will be focusing on why men seem to be aloud to be more vocal or act more on their sexual desires with out society completely calling them deviant. Also the affect abstinence only education and unwell parents to communicate openly about sex has on individuals.

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The readings for this week's diablogs are: J Levine and B Fahs. It was posted on the class summary for last Wednesday and the reading schedule, under April 13th. The Fields is for week #8 diablog groups.

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