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In my opinion the most interesting part of Levine's argument is when she states, "In almost every article or broadcast, experts are called in to catalogue the reasons that teens have sex, all of them bad..." (xxv) According to Levine these "experts attribute sexual activity are because they "listen to too much rap, or download porn, they are under too much porn or aren't challenged enough... they're rich and demoralized, or poor and demoralized". (xxvi)

She argues that these laundry lists of attempted explanations are merely guesses and that "squeamish or ignorant" parents are willing to accept these hypotheses that are stabs in the dark to find correlations. Soon after in the article the author begins to assess a historical perspective of sexual practices in Europe around the mid-1700's, in this era a child could be a spouse by 14. It is important to understand that many of these people would be dead by age 40, it seems that Levine understates life expectancy and the correlations between media imagery and external influences of today that can have a major effect on the way a young person views their sexuality, personal sexual practices, and when they begin to practice. Of course there is are major biological factors that play into sex and "doing what feels natural", but I wish that Levine would have taken these types of influences more into consideration because yes, a person has agency, but we must acknowledge that at times agency becomes limited because of constructs and structures of the social system and the perpetuated norm. I think that a brilliant, yet horrific example of this is depicted in the movie "Kids", in which young adults from different backgrounds experiment in life, including sex, which can be scary stuff.

Also, the article makes it hard to distinguish if Levine is condemning those who wait until marriage before they have sex, it is almost as if these individuals are merely conforming if they make the decision to wait until they have sex. Despite some of the lack of clarity I appreciate that Levine is giving a different perspective and essentially telling people (especially parents) "calm down, its natural".

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