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Judith Levine's article, I think, also brings up the wider issue of parents babying their kids. Not only when dealing with sex does this phenomenon ruin children. When parents baby their children they rob them of the lessons that life teaches through necessity. For this, I lay a lot of blame on the religious right. A lot of christian families home school their children. I think this has a lot to do with them wanting to separate their kids from any information which they want them to have. This can mean anything from sex to questioning their religion. The point is that kids need to learn things for themselves, and there is no better teacher than real life experience.

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I tend to agree with this notion, but I kind of feel like it's letting parents off easy - sure, some of them are really, truly faithful, but by and large Christians aren't that Christian, and even if they are how can they not be aware of STDs, rape, and all of the other potential dangers of sex? What drives them to excluding what most people know is factually true?

On one hand we can say it's simply patronization, that they're merely protecting out of paternal whatever, but if a parent can have an honest and open discussion about how they shouldn't exchange bodily fluids with others (pee on others, spit on others, touch other's blood, prevent hepatitis, so on) why can't this conversation be extended to genitals?

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