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Although it is not surprising, it is interesting how religion is never too far away from the discussion of sexual education. Through the film in class and the Fields reading maintaining girls purity seems to be the main concern. In the film the Christian faith plays a forefront role in people's opinions on teaching or not teaching young people about sex, consequences, and safety precautions. Those with strong religious roots seem to be supporters of abstinence only education. In the film the pastor analogizes premarital sex with dogs on the street. With sex being seen in this light it dehumanizes people and makes it seem as if sex is only for reproduction out of necessity to keep the human race alive. By providing these connotations to young people it is making them ill-prepared and making them feel shameful if they desire certain things. I think the education system should educate to provide valuable information in regards to every basic subject- math, English, science, sexual health etc.

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I agree. I grew up in a very strictly Catholic family, and grew up thinking that sex was bad and dirty and that it was only ok after marriage. It's no surprise that religion can make people believe certain things, because religion shapes a lot of peoples' values-especially when it comes to sex.

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