Follow Up Post-Family Guy Sex Education


So, I'm a big Family Guy fan. I think I've seen just about every episode there is (thank you, netflix), and so I immediately thought of a couple of episodes that directly related to the debate on sex ed programs in schools.

Basically, Lois catches Chris with a dirty magazine and he proceeds to tell her that he doesn't have sex education at school. She then becomes the sex education teacher, but gets fired after her first day because she taught the kids about condoms. The school then has a speaker come from a church to discuss abstinence, who then gives out abstinence rings to all of the students and has them sign a pledge. Meg shows Peter her ring, so he also decides to be abstinent, which drives Lois crazy. Meg meets this boy and they want to have some sort of relations, but due to their abstinence pledge, can't have sex. They instead have ear sex, which leads to other complications (much like the effects of abstinence only programs where people instead engage in riskier activities). In the end, Lois ends up speaking to the school about contraceptive usage, and the day is saved.

I thought it lined up perfectly with what we've been reading lately about abstinence only sex ed programs and youth groups. Although it is satirical, I find that it resonates a lot of truth, especially when compared to our readings.

If you are interested, here is the link to the episode:

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