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Harmful to Minors: The Perils of Protecting Children from Sex is one of the two readings that were covered in this weeks diablog. This book, by Judith Levine, is about our societies reaction to Sex, and the resultant crisis due to self-imposed fears. The foreword by Dr. Joycelyn Elders, a former Surgeon General of the United States, bemoans the lack of sexual health education programs in schools. Dr. Elders continues by mentioning the taboo associated with sex discussions, and misinformation prevalent regarding various sexual practices. Judith Levine, in her introduction, discusses the same fear, when she encumbered numerous challenges in getting her book published.
The next reading, by Breanne Fahs also addresses that issue in "Daddy's Little Girls", talking about the cuts in funding for sex education and drifting towards abstinence only programs. She argues, that this leaves adolescents vulnerable when they are in the face of their first sexual scenarios. Fahs then points out, that, adolescents who are partakers in Chastity clubs and who sign virginity pledges, are more likely to engage in unsafe sexual practices, such as not using condoms or practicing unsafe anal and or oral sex. Furthermore, the article makes special note of the harm being done to young girls due to the way "purity" is emphasized to them.
These two readings raised several questions, and our group has set about answering them. Our method was by first, raising our own questions, which we did at the end of each blog, and then, commenting on other people's questions in an attempt to gain enlightenment through discussion. We did not answer our own questions at first, rather giving others a chance to think about and digest the issue. Later, though, after people had answered our questions, some of us posted follow up blogs giving an in depth look at our own idea on the answer to some of the questions raised.

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