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This message was also sent out via email.

Students are expected to have noted and followed all instructions announced in class and posted on the blog about the Final Assignment for this class. A list of groups and a list of class emails have been circulated well in time. Please note: IF YOU HAVE NOT PARTICIPATED IN ANY GROUP ACTIVITIES, EMAIL DISCUSSIONS, PRESENTATION PREPARATION UNTIL NOW, YOU HAVE FAILED THE ASSIGNMENT, NO QUESTIONS ASKED. Please consult the blog and contact your group IMMEDIATELY in order to get any credit for this assignment. There are no other opportunities to make up for this assignment.

If you have tried to contact your group members but have not heard back, and have tried to prepare a presentation WITHOUT other group members, you will be given a full hearing and, if you can provide evidence that you did try to contact members and have done the work, we will try to make class-time for you to present your work. Please contact Sara *immediately* to discuss this matter.

Do you think one of your group members isn't pulling their weight and hasn't done enough to contribute to your presentation? You can ask us (Sara, Brittany, Elakshi) for a review of your group.
Group Participation Policy: This is a group grade, so every member of the group is responsible for contributing fully to the group. Do not let your group members down by failing to show up to meetings or not completing the parts of your assignment. If a group believes that one of their members is not contributing fully to the group, they can request that we (Sara, Brittany, Elakshi) review the group. For a review, each group member is required to submit a full description of how they have participated with the group. In this review, group members can also submit descriptions of how other members have failed to participate. If it is determined that group members aren't doing their part, they will not receive any credit for the assignment.

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One more note: The only written part of this assignment is the handout. You will be evaluated solely on your presentation and handout. You should not include a separate write up of your analysis.

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