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In Judith Levine's article Harmful to Minors, she discusses child and teen sexuality.  The main point that she focuses on, is how parents respond to adolescent sexuality and see it as a bad thing.  She talks about how society has taken away the importance of a good, truthful sex education and how many parents have a lot of anxiety toward sex because of this.  Parents also are under the impression (because of religion) that if a teen engages in sex that they are no longer innocent and are therefore a "sinner."  She argues ultimately that the "bad" part of teens expressing their sexuality lies within the potentially harmful consequences (that result from bad sex education), such as pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. 

In Breanne Fahs Daddy's Little Girls, she discusses the negative outcomes of abstinence groups in high schools and on college campuses.  She argues four main points; that our education today (powered by the Bush administration) makes it so that women think that their sexuality is different from mens, and that it is altogether harmful to them, that chastity clubs make it so that women pledge abstinence and instead engage in sex in ways that does not involve vaginal penetration-ultimately resulting in more misuse or no use of contraceptives and aiding in STD contraction, that chastity clubs promote a patriarchal dominance in society rather than giving women a stronger identity, and lastly that chastity balls identify women as their fathers' property until they are given away for marriage. 


The idea of patriarchal dominance is really intriguing. A girl (in a household with a father) grows up under his authority (however that authority may be shared with the father's partner) and under his "protection". Symbolically, she is given away into marriage to her soon-to-be husband. When the fathers take the daughters to the chastity balls, what are they thinking? Are they thinking that they're sharing in a special moment? Do they think it's creepy? How much thought are they putting into their daughter's chastity?

I agree, check out my other post about It is very interesting to see how many people feel this way, and the implications and honestly, false expectations it puts on relationships.

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