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I thought I would start an open thread on your final project presentations. Post your thoughts as comments to this entry. 

I am particularly interested in your reflections on the technologies you have been experimenting with for your presentations. What do you think of prezi? How about xtranormal? Are these technologies easy to use? Helpful? Would you recommend having students use them in future classes? Instructors using them for class lecture/discussion?

Also, for those group who have already gone, what advice would you give groups who still have to go? 


Here's a reminder for groups who still need to present. Make sure to extend your analysis beyond sex and gender to include race, class and ability. Incorporate this analysis into your presentation, using a reading to support your arguments.

Also, I would encourage groups to post your projects online. It is not required, but it could be a great way to archive the projects and give us all a chance to spend more time looking at them.

Hey, our group is using prezi right now. If you want to use it, make sure you aren't using google chrome. I switched over to firefox, and it works perfectly. In google chrome, all you can do is add text and scroll around, there's a glitch that removes the menu from view.

It's very intuitive and allows direct input of clips from youtube. The only issues I'm having with it are the limited color scheme (you can't make individual elements different colors, so all brackets/frames/circles/etc. have to be uniform across the shape) and selecting frames (you have to shift+click on each thing you want to add to a selection. It would be easier to click and drag). So far, I'm really enjoying the program though! I'll definitely be using it later on.

I found the final project to be a very good way to briefly summarize the things that we have learned in class using modern technology and our peers as resources. At first completing the assignment was extremely stressful because it was hard to coordinate with people to see which times worked best for them, but after we got everything figured out things began to run more smoothly.

I REALLY liked using Prezi! this was my first time working with the program and took some getting used to, but I picked it up very quickly and was able to help my group members and put the presentation together. I will definitely use the program again in the future whether it be for classes or other presentations that I will have to give.

Our group did a prezi, and the only difficulty was in the initial time it took to get familiar with the program. It did make a cool presentation for us, but I don't think all the prezi presentations were all that much more interesting than a powerpoint. I mean, our presentation was basically a powerpoint nestled into a larger designed prezi background scheme. I would never make it a requirement to use the prezi, anyway. One format that I did see another group do was a mashup of commercials, which I thought was really creative because it wasn't a prezi.

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