Teen Pregnancy in the Media


I am interested in how the teen pregnancy is portrayed in the media. With shows like MTV's "16 and Pregnant" and "Teen Mom" young people are bombarded with images of teen pregnancy. While shows like these discuss the hardships and tribulations of being a teenager and pregnant, the media attention attached to it glorifies hard situations. Most websites I looked at stated that the girls on these shows make around $60,000 a season. According to the Census Bureau, that is more than the average annual American household income. Are shows like this glorifying teen pregnancy? Are they making it easier for teen couples to live with a child? Are shows like these portraying the situations correctly or is the main focus the drama for cinematic effect?16-pregnant-mtv.jpg


You raise a very good question this shows. I think younger children when watching these shows will feel that it is okay to have babies. Not only okay they will get money for it. They fail to realize that these shows are reality shows. The lives of these teenagers are not your everyday teenage mom life. On other hand, these shows teach teenagers that having a child is not the end of the world. It shows teenagers that it is okay to have babies while still a teen.

Shows like the certainly show teenage parent that they are not alone, and especially if it raises awareness of the issues and showcases some resources for young parents, then I would consider it a good thing. While we've been discussing teen pregnancy we make the assumption that it is a bad thing. Many teen parents do find raising their kid(s). Why has teen pregnancy become a stigma?

I think in the aspect of money, your are right. It is almost encouraging teens to get pregnant. While most teen parents are still in high school, and working part time, this makes it challenging to raise a child. As to why teen pregnancy became a stigma, I think that most associate teen pregnancy as risk, and therefore put a negative connotation to it.

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