What's sex got to do with...nail polish?



I'm sure many of you have seen this already: it's been all over the news lately. This is an ad for JCrew showing a mom with her 5 year old son who has bright pink toe nail polish. It has caused quite a stir about what the message this ad sends to society. Some have gone so far as to say it is an attack on masculinity. What do you think? Is this as big an issue as the news is making it out to be?

Here is an article from the Chicago Tribune detailing the debate.


The one thing that I love most about kids, considering my age of 20, is the freedom they have. No one else can pick up an item at the grocery store and place it somewhere else without being reprimanded or looked negatively upon. No one else can sing in public without being considered insane. And no one else has a more open mind. I think its outrageous to question something with a kid of 5 years old. It shouldn't matter that he has nail polish on his toes because he's having fun. It's unfortunate that we create a situation out of something so minuscule as this. Personally, I wish we would stop making a question and then creating an answer ourselves and deeper meaning to nothing.

I definitely think the news article is blowing it out of proportions a bit. It's really unfortunate that people are wasting their time arguing about how painting toenails is only for girls and might make this little boy question his sexuality or that his parents should be concerned. He's a little boy and should be able to have fun with simple things like this. And, when he gets older, he should still be able to paint his toenails if that's what he wants. I know guys who get manicures and aren't don't question their sexuality. The fears are unfounded.

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