What's sex got to do with...Sinks with legs?




I found this image when I was looking up images for my Big Picture group. I'm not sure where this men's bathroom exists, but I'm pretty sure it's in a foreign country. I'm just curious what others think of this image...Guys, would you use these?

I don’t think it is the sinks with legs that are sexy but I think it is the gesture of the legs serving the supporter of the sinks. I don’t want to explain why, because I believe that most of our classmates could understand what this kind of gesture means and I am a little bit shy to explain that.
Another point I want to point out is that I think this kind of stuff indicate the potential discrimination and abuse of female’s bodies. I don’t know where these sinks are and what kind of people are going to use them, but I do know whoever use it would be vulgar.

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