Extra Credit: Presentation: Barbie and Ken


Barbie & Ken:

The classic couple, the worlds ideal, the worlds view of what "good looking" people should look like. I grew up surrounded by Barbie. Having two sisters made me see what girls do and how girls strive to be like this. My older sister even has one of the life size ones which was a nightmare.. So I can relate to presentation very well. They started their presentation with a almost like cartoon video that was very well done. It touched base on many levels of the relationship. What stuck out to me was how the cartoon really spelled out what they really represented, most would see these as dolls, but if you really dig deeper into this it really shows how Barbie & Ken have been a icon in the world in the way that they want to preach to children how men and females should act and look. I dont think that children really take that into account when they are playing, because they are too young to really understand the concepts of how being skinny and pretty are actually understood in the media and the public eye. What screams out to me is the how when its halloween or your day to day dress up when girls want to be barbie and start dressing like her with her low cut shirts or what ever scandalous items barbie wears and The dolls reinforce the binary system of gender.

This presentation was VERY well done and it really has been an interesting topic to think about and break down.

Great job again

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