Extra credit reflection on Final Presentation: Weddings and Perfume

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One of the first groups presented on e a heteronormative topic, weddings. People usually get very excited about weddings and thats why I thought it was interesting to look at it more in depth like the group presented in class. The first topic they analyzed was maiden of honor, there was a clip from a movie where a guy was the maid of honor, and people would assume that he is gay, since maid of honor is usually a female. I also found that weddings in Disney movies are interesting as well, because usually in Disney movies the characters that are getting married are normally the same race and opposite sex. Overall this presentation was laid out very well. I think Disney movies teach kids from childhood about gender and sexuality do they know difference between male and female.

I thought the perfume presentation was very interesting and the examples they showed went well with a lot of the topics we discussed in class during lecture and discussion, and it also went well with the assigned course readings.Gender and sexual desire was displayed ways in which the examples were helpful in differentiating between male and female.

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Disney movies are crazy for how hyper-gendered the weddings get. All women are the epitome of feminine female, often in princes guise, and all men are muscular masculine male, often princes. Really teaches kids what to think on how they should be and act. Depressing how many princesses have to wait for prince charming, instead of being able to act on their own.

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