Extra credit reflection on Video Game Final Presentation


This final presentation looked at the sexist and racist aspect of video games. They did a really good job on covering the gendered norms of masculine male hero, often rescuing the feminine female who is helpless to save herself, but they did not mention race much besides the fact that many video game main characters are white. Duke Nukem was talked about, but they did not talk about the capture-the-women mode which is apparently something in the new game Duke Nukem Forever. They have replaced a flag with a woman, and as you are taking her back to your area she will occasionally become 'hysterical' and you slap her on the ass to calm her down. Definitely something that could have been covered in the presentation.
They had quite a few examples though, one other being the car girls in a racing game, and the commercial for this video game focused almost completely on the body of a model, with the cars being an excuse to show it off.
Sexism is rampant in the videogame industry, and this group did a good job covering many of the problems in a field dominated by men, even though studies have shown there are as many or more female videogame users as male.

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