Extra Credit


One of the groups did a presentation on Katy Perry. They talked about how she reinforces gender roles by portraying an hyper sexual idea of femininity. She often is in very revealing clothes, and her pictures in magazines and album covers are very sexual, and portrays herself as passive and coy. They pointed out how she seemed to contradict herself when she has a song lyrics that state, "you think I'm pretty without any makeup on" even though on her cover for the album she is lying naked on a cloud with tons of eyeliner and lipstick on. She always reinforces the heterosexual normativity in our society. Her video for hot and cold acts out a wedding scene with a man and a woman, and a lot of her other songs/videos do the same thing. They also brought up some critics people have with her song "I kissed a girl". Some people think she negatively portrays homosexual interactions as just a faze instead of something that is long lasting. It was a really interesting presentation.
Another group did their presentation on car advertisements. They focused on how these ads reinforce gender stereotypes. In a lot of the ads, woman's bodies were objectified like the cars they were trying to sell. One ad had a man on top of a woman, and the woman had a picture of a car on her face. As if she wasn't enough for him, he needed to picture an expensive car. They also try to equate masculinity to having fast and powerful cars. You aren't a man unless you drive a nice car.
Another group did weddings. This also reinforces the heterosexual lifestyle of a man and a woman. Wedding advertisements are aimed at straight couples looking for the typical "dream" wedding, of the bride in an expensive wedding dress, and the man in a nice tux. They showed a clip from Sex in the City of a gay wedding. Although the movie did highlight a homosexual marriage, it seemed that they were using stereotypes for gay couples that could be seen as negative. And even in the gay marriage, there still seemed to be some traditional gender roles, such as one groom wearing white and the other black. Weddings also deal with race and class, as most of the ads were of white people, and weddings are expensive, and if you want the "dream" wedding you need to have a lot of money to make it come true.

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