What's Sex Got to Do with Great Skin?


I work at a department store that sells luxury skin care. Fortunately, then, I have access to the various products that make skin look its best. My fiancee commented on how great my skin looked, and I explained what I was using. I could tell he was impressed by the effectiveness of the products and asked if he'd like to use some. He really had to think about it. He's from a small town in central Wisconsin where "men are men" and don't use "fancy stuff" to wash their faces. I finally talked him into trying the products, which consisted of only a Clarisonic (a hand-held device that vibrates gently against skin to slough off dead skin that clogs pores), a face moisturizer, and eye cream. The products worked just as well for him as they did for me. His skin looked amazing and the slightly dark circles under his eyes disappeared (oh the joys of a $200 cream!).

We were at a wedding this past weekend and I brought the products for him to use. We were staying at a buddy of his from college, and my fiancee felt the need to sneak the products in and out of the bathroom, so as not to seem "gay" in front of his friend. Since when does taking good care of yourself make you at risk for being seen as gay? Eating vegetables and exercising to keep your body healthy are acceptable. How come taking care of your skin all of a sudden makes you undesirable in the heterosexual community?


I think that good skin is looked at as important not just in the heterosexual community but in all communities if you have clean skin it can be an attraction and people can read into it that you either take really good care of your skin and are very clean or you just got lucky with good clean skin. But i think in all communities everyone looks at the skin stuff not just heterosexuals

Well I guess there will still be stereotypes that women are the only people to use skin care products.

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