What's Sex Got to do with Lipstick?

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Chanel Cosmetics launched a new lipstick called "Boy". It's named after the nickname Coco Chanel gave her lover. The chief complaint from employees at the Chanel counter is that women are reluctant to wear a lipstick called "Boy". They are quick to assume it's a men's lipstick and that it's meant for cross-dressing. Why is something as insignificant as the name of a lipstick enough to prevent people from liking and/or buying the shade they like? Why are people so afraid of cross-dressing? Women have had the lipstick applied, loved it, and retrieved their wallets - only to stop, and really consider whether or not they want to wear a lipstick bearing that name.

Chanel Boy.jpg

1 Comment

this is one that i agree with because i have never thought lips to be more appealing when having lipstick, some people think that all the make up will make you more appealing in my opinion the less the better. Well written and thought out

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