What's Sex got to do with...Comedy?


There is a new movie coming out called What's Your Number? and it stars the female actress/comedian Anna Faris. In the movie, the main character (Anna Faris) reads in a magazine that a woman is very unlikely to get married if she has had sex with more than 20 men. Having already slept with 20 men, the lead actress decides that she'll stop having sex with other men and meet back up with the 20 men she has already slept with the determine if one of them is "the one." I think it is interesting how much emphasis is put on the media in this film. The plot of this entire film is based on some article that was published in a woman's magazine. This in itself displays how much of a role media plays in our everyday lives. Secondly, why is 20 the number? Is this what our society thinks is an acceptable number or is it an extreme that society thinks is no longer normal? The plot also displays heteronormativity. The movie is strictly talking about sexual encounters between males and females. There is not a suggested number for homosexuals, nor does it show anything in the preview about homosexuality. Lastly, it displays the difference between male and female comedians. From the plot, it seems that female comedians do not always have to be funny if they are "sexy." Female comedians are encouraged to use their sex appeal to draw in a crowd, while male comedians have be uniquely funny in order to be successful.


There's a great article in the New Yorker from a couple of weeks about Anna Faris as a woman comedienne: Funny Like a Guy

The whole plot as you describe sounds completely ridiculous. First, of course, is the idea that 20 is a magic number that when breached turns a respectable woman into an untouchable whore. I think it very unlikely that a similar plot from a man's perspective would ever be thought of seriously. Next, this clearly normalizes the idea of marriage as something that every woman aspires to. The main character seems to be having an exciting love life, is she really going to give up the chance of meeting someone new because she's so desperate to get married? Dumb.

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