Here is a breakdown of assignments. As assignments details are discussed and posted on our blog, I will create links here. I will also include the pdfs in WebVista, filed under important documents. More information about the Final Project will be posted shortly after spring break.  

Class Participation 150 points
Concept Notebook  300 points  a. blog post b. pdf  
Group Online Dialogue 140 points a. pdf b. examples from past classes c. tips d. diablog sign-up sheets for 002, 003, 004, 005
Engaging Assignments 160 points a. EA #1 (50 points) b. pdf: EA #2 .doc to fill out: EA #2 (50 points) c. EA #3 (60 points)
Media Examples (blog) 100 points a. blog post b. pdf c.. details for group media analysis
Final Project a. pdf 150 points

NOTE: You are responsible for keeping track of your required blog entries by filling out this worksheet. This worksheet is the most current one; it reflects any slight revisions in assignments/due dates. 

DUE DATES: A complete list of due dates is available HERE

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