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You can download this assignment as a .doc here. 

I have put all of the due dates in a calendar on our WebVista site. All of these dates are due by dates (as opposed to due on). This means that you are encouraged to post them at any time during the semester by the required due date. It is strongly suggested that you do not wait until the night before your due date to post your entries/comments/tweets.

I will still review/evaluate your entries 3 times this semester. Please read and follow these directions for ensuring that your entries, comments and tweets are graded.

  1. Fill out the blog/twitter log once you have completed assignments. Make sure to include the date you posted your entry, comment or tweet. You will be emailing/handing in this log to me three times this semester: October 5, November 16, December 14. 
  2. Tag all of your entries with your alias. 
  3. Tag all of your tweets with the hashtag: #qd2010 
  4. Copy and paste all of your entries, comments and tweets into a word document. Make sure that each entry is clearly identified with: title of post that you commented on, date of post, date of comment, type of comment. You will email me this document on October 5, November 16, and December 14. 
  5. In your email, do the following: 
  • Subject of email: QD Blog/Twitter Log 
  • Title of word doc (not docx): Yournameblog/twitter.doc 
  • If you email your log (as opposed to handing in a hard copy), title your log (as word .doc) Yournameblog/twitterlog.doc

1 Comment

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