Tracking Topics Assignment


3 Annotated Bibliographies (of sorts) Posts
These 3 annotated bibliography entries should include a brief summary and engagement with a number of different outside sources (that is, sources that are not included on the syllabus) that relate to your chosen topic. Each entry should include at least 3 sources, one of which must be a "traditional" academic source (an academic article or book). You may also write about films/videos, other blogs, websites, news articles, commercials, songs, poems, images, etc.

Your annotated bibliography should begin with an overview of how your sources connect (and why you are grouping them together in your entry). Then, each bibliographic entry should include:

a. Title of the source.
Your title should also be a link to the source (or to a more detailed citing of your source). Just in case you have forgotten, here is how to create a link within your entry:
Highlight the title in your entry. Scroll up to the chain image at the top of the entry box and click on it. Put in the URL (address) for your link and hit okay.

b. Author/authors of the source.

c. Brief summary.
You should provide a brief summary of the source and how it relates to the term that you are tracking. This summary should include any specific passages/ideas that you found useful, thought-provoking and/or inspiring.

d. Additional sources and/or directions for further reading/thinking.
Each entry should include your reflections on further research/thinking about your term. If possible, mention any additional sources that your source discusses that might be useful.

e. Where/how you found this source. Describe the process of how and where you found your source. What database did you use? Did you find it randomly in the stacks at the library? Did you find it in a search through google or google scholar? Did you stumble across it on twitter? Did another student/professor suggest it?

f. Formal citation.
In addition to linking to your source, you should formally cite it using MLA style. Here are links for using MLA style:
Category: Tracking Topics

2 Comments on Other Bibliographies
Your comments should demonstrate a respectful engagement with the author and their ideas. You could post suggestions, thoughts or reflections on their topic. You could also discuss how their topic connects to your topic.

4 Tweets on Term Sources
You are required to tweet about 4 sources that you found while tracking your term. Your tweet should include a link to the source and a brief (remember, you only have 140 characters total) description of or teaser about the source. Spend some time thinking about how you want to describe and present your source to your readers. You can check out my undisciplined twitter account (@undisciplined) for examples of tweeting sources.

Due Dates:
Annotated Bibliography #1: October 8
Annotated Bibliography #2: November 1
Annotated Bibliography #3: December 1
Track Term Comment: October 22
Track Term Comment: November 19
Tweet Source: September 27
Tweet Source: October 5
Tweet Source: October 25
Tweet Source: November 22


queer space
neoliberalism/queer liberalism
bodies and material experiences
radical sex practices
Judith Butler
Jasbir Puar
Judith Halberstam
Jose Esteban Munoz
Gloria Anzaldua
Cherríe Moraga
Audre Lorde
Michael Warner
Susan Stryker
Eve Sedgwick
Sarah Ahmed
Dean Spade
Sylvia Rivera Project
Queers 4 Economic Justice

No more than 2 students can track the same term. On Thursday, you will be signing up for your topic. Make sure to come to class with a list of your #1 and #2 choices for topics.


Do we pick a new term/topic/theorist for our second annotated bibliography, or do we keep the topic we choose for our first bibliography for all three assignments?

Same topic for all three bibliographies.

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