Diablog: Kincaid


After reading this article by Kincaid about producing erotic cildren. I have a total new perception about children being molested and how that whole situation can produce a erotic type of child. Not only do I get this from the reading it's self, but I can relate on a more personal level because I was molested at a young age. I do to an extent feel that I was produced into this erotic child after that point. Not by my family but by society. I received conseling fron a psychologist and while being in sessions with her, looking back I feel that those sessions was the starting point of producing me into an erotic child ( I wont go into details, but I hope yall et the point). Anyway with Kincaid reading and the examples he points out like about Michael Jackson, Culkin and the story about Willy Nesler one could get the feelig that society turns sexual abuse into an erotic situation without even knowing it. Expecially with the whole Michael Jackson trial. Society wanted him to be guilty so that they could live and keep talking abou the sexual acts, because again they thrive on making sexual abuse into erotic acts. Which is actually really sick.

Now Please forgive me for my statements I am only speaking from a view of a molested child and how the reading of Kincaid pulled that view out for me. Beacause before this reading I did not see this viewpoint and I'am glad that I did because it explains a lot about the way I was feeling as a child at that time.


Thank you for bringing this up in class as well as posting it on the blog. In our class discussion we briefly touched on why it is difficult to bring this topic up and how it shouldn't be. However, I do realize the courage it takes to incorporate one's personal story. It added a lot to the conversation and brought things down to a 'human' level. Sometimes I feel that a lot of what we do in class is theorizing and while that is fine,it is good to remember the human element that is evident within each topic and reading that we address in class. If we are to fully understand, make sense of and utilize these readings, this is essential. So again, thank you. I thought that this week's diablog was thoughtful and helpful to my understanding of the readings and to the other questions that are formulated by listening to other contemplations that are brought up. Great job!

Well said, RadioEdit. I agree that this was a great diablog and I really appreciate your willingness to tell your story. Wonderful job (to sparky and jaropenerkate too).

So far both groups have offered up great models for how to diablog. Your participation in the assignment has far exceeded my expectations. I'm looking forward to the next one!

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