Beside Oneself: an indirect, undisciplined engagement


Screen shot 2010-11-27 at 1.40.04 PM.pngThis one's for my post-it note fans.

Although I did the digital post-it notes a while ago for a direct engagement and have somewhat traded my yellow stickies for the convenience and immediacy of Twitter, I really like being able to post pictures of my physical notes on our blog -- very rarely are we, as students, encouraged to share or engage with (or queer) our personal reading habits. This particular entry is not only meant to be a queering of virtual/reality, but of time as well, since a few of these post-it notes are repeats of notes that I posted last year when we read this chapter in Queering Theory.
heterosexual matrix.pnglivablelife.jpgundone.jpgviolence.jpgThumbnail image for dd027.jpgbodies.jpgunlivable.jpglimits.jpgregulations.jpg



I'm really into the parallel you're continuing to draw between post-its and Twitter! And, as usual, I heartily appreciate your notes and how they connect with my margin scribbles-- I, too, revisited last year's text by pulling out my copy of Undoing Gender with "original" highlighting and notes. I (think) I can tell which post-its are the throwbacks, and I like how they read beside newer and similar-yet-different takes from this year. Particularly I'm struck by the ethical questions you note (both times?), which I hope will come more into focus for us next semester.

It seems as though you started to connect ideas of the (real, true) human to the ballistic body from Puar-- and you know I want to pick up on that. Specifically with violence, I'm thinking of the ballistic body as an event of excess of unlivability, but for whom? I don't know that I can venture to say that life is necessarily unlivable for the figure of, say, the suicide bomber... but maybe the act of explosion does signify some different orientation toward questions of livability/unlivability.

Hooray for post-it notes!!

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