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In the book, Ahmed brings up the movie, If These Walls Could Talk 2, and I didn't really mention it in my last post, so I wanted to make another one.

I watched the first part of the movie, about the two older women and one dies in an accident. Edith, the one who lives, struggles with how to deal with her pain, especially because no one really understands how difficult it is for her to lose the woman she loves, Abby.
There is one part specifically that stand out as really portraying her sadness...

Edith is waiting for the verdict the doctor gives and she goes up to the desk to ask about what the doctor had to say and the nurse tells her that Abby died at 3 AM that morning. Edith asks why no one got her and the nurse just tells her that she's "sorry." The look in the actresses eyes combined with the silence seems, to me, to portray a deep sadness that maybe words just can't get across.

(towards the end of the clip)

[Sara's note: I embedded the youtube clip directly in your entry.]

Do you think silence may be the form of communication that displays the feeling of unhappiness most effectively?

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Your question really got me thinking about the answer--the answer is yes. Anytime someone is silent or quiet, especially if that person is usually social and outgoing then you know that something is up. Is it the best way to help deal with your problems? No way--communicating your unhappiness is by far the most affective and progressive way to get things out on the table and to cope with an unsatisfied situation. Letting other people in will allow you to be helped, but first oral disclosure must be provided. :)

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