In so far as to say, hooray

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Hooray, for many things. For the start of winter break. For the end of classes. For the time we have had together...but also for the literally life changing, consciousness-raising topics we have covered and discussed through out this term. Queer/ing has a definite place in all over our lives, whether we choose to call it by that term or something else...questioning, trouble-making, connecting, multiplying and eradicating...all of us are thrown into this world and the systems that we've created to make sense of it, for the better or worse, it is navigated. This class in of itself has been an experience of queering pedagogy and the academy, while still maintaining the very core of what I believe liberal arts is supposed to be/do. By not only acknowledging the relevance of online media, but actively engaging and shaping it, we develop valuable skills in communication, critical processing and reading.

Throughout the semester, I was tracking the term "Bodies & Material Experiences", and, as with most topics covered in this course, I decided it is not nearly as simple as it seems. What constitute a body? What experiences are valid, authentic, worth remembering/grieving? What is material? Virtual realities have very real, material consequences, how are they mediated in our physical lives? What perspectives, ways of knowing or epistemologies, are worth maintaining, archiving, or perpetuating? These are the questions that come to mind as I consider my tracking throughout the semester.

I feel that as I came into this process and class, I underestimated the gravity of our topics and potential for intense thought processes. After taking it, I feel that many of the things we talked about we covered very quickly, tangentially, and sometimes on narrow terms. The idea of the diablog was successful, and I feel that if we could expound on that further and perhaps focus more either on less readings, or split of readings between class members it would allow for even more enriching discussion and critical engagement.

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Bodies can be described as organized animated molecules. The brain affects these molecules, and the molecules affect the brain.

The idea/element of an "invisible mind" brings with it a slew of everything religious, and nothing to physically stand on.

However, the idea won't go away, will it?

If one wants to affect the molecules of the body in a relatively harmless way, in order to stimulate them, all one needs to do is apply warmth.

If one wants to affect the physiology of those molecules in a relatively harmless way, all one needs to do is apply a standard red laser pointer against the area that needs stimulated. It is actually a little more complex than that.

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In so far as to say, hooray
Hooray, for many things. For the start of winter break. For the end of classes. For the time we have…
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