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During our class on Tuesday we did a free write and for my last my choice comment I thought I would just share what my initial thoughts were.
In my mind becoming acceptable or the idea of acceptance implies that something is now being tolerated or allowed to happen whereas before the thing was not. I don't want to feel tolerated! I am a human being. My classmates, neighbors, fellow Americans, and everyone else that inhabits this planet are also human beings. As such, we should never be made to feel like acceptance is a privilege. It is our right! What is it that makes being a white, heterosexual, cis-gendered male so valuable and superior to the rest of us?
~The only way to be happy and accepted is to come as close to the norm as possible including spouse, children, home, money, dog, picket fence.
~And what if I want some of those things? What if I want a child and a home and a dog and aspire to one day not struggle from paycheck to paycheck? Does this mean I am trying to be normal or attempting to reinforce the norms?

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When my group was sharing about what we were free writing the idea of "tolerance" came up a lot.
I think you're absolutely right in that being accepted is not a privilege, it's a right- no one should ever feel like they're simply being "tolerated" in a world that's not really meant for them.
You bring up the idea of all of us being "human," and that's mostly what my free write was about: the fact that all of us are human. I think a lot of the time people kind of separate "queers" and "the rest of us" and I think that's probably one of the biggest problems. We're all people... it's not "people and blacks" or "people and Asians" and it's not "people and queers."

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