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Oh dear..I remember the excitement of having to pick terms and at first I was very interested in writing on Audre Lorde, a woman who I admire and love to read but I changed topics to Space, feeling that it would be a better way to challenge myself intellectually. This was my first class in the GLBT department and certainly an interesting way to expose myself to this kind of thinking. In tracking the topic "space" I challenged myself to look outside of how space is traditionally defined. I thought of space as the physical realm of space but then thought about anything that exists that could be re-defined into a different existence. Queering space to me felt more like trying to find ways in which an object, a place or an idea could be turned "queer"- the vague definition that we have. So, I do not have an absolute definition of what "space" is but rather an idea of how we might use it further in discussion. When talking about space...i think it is important to inquire about in what ways are we not including people in this space..whether physical , mental , spiritual, how can a space that is normally taken for something and turn it into something else. To queer something for me does not necessarily have to do with the sexuality. To queer a space could take something normative and turn it into a space that tries something different. I took this to heart when thinking about my youth studies course and how could I queer the way I study and work with youth? How can we make queer the system? How can we make something that is traditionally adult oriented to be inclusive of youth? To take it further, my studies of space made me question how can I queer my work place? my home? How can I disrupt what is traditional?
Participating on the blog and twitter was weird. I was against it at first because I did not want to become that person who obsesses about it and quite frankly, I love writing. In fact, I love type writers ...just saying. After a while however, I liked the dialogue that was started. The commenting and the ability to talk to someone through twitter was an interesting way to carry on a conversation. I liked that our conversations that were held in class both reflected and deviated from the conversations held online. For the assignments, the readings were beneficial to me. I wish that we had a course packet; although, my wallet probably would tell you otherwise. While reading online is fine, after a while I get tired of staring at a computer screen and as a proficient note taker, it is difficult to scribble all over the paper if there is none. At first I thought that writing the blog entries would be easy and that the amount we had to do would be no problem but soon after the first few were due I realized that writing one blog entry or even a comment took a lot of thought and I re-wrote each one several times.
In reteaching this class all I would have to say is a course packet and more tutorials for blog and twitter. All of the cool things that people had done when posting their entries made me jealous and I wish I knew how to do it in the future. Social networking is here to stay and I would not be surprised if blogging became a requirement in other classes. I enjoyed this class a lot and will look back on what I had learned in my future classes.

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So, you like typewriters, huh? Check out this youtube video for hooking up you laptop to an old school typewriter! I know I have seen an even better image of a typewriter/computer mashup, but I couldn't find it. I'll post it if/when I come across it.

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