Here's a reminder about the diablog assignment:

Diablog (dialogue + blog = diablog) 200 points
You and one other class member are required to engage in an online dialogue via our blog and twitter. You will sign up to discuss one of the course readings. Over the course of one week you will each post summaries of the reading and then post comments, follow-up entries and/or tweet responses to each other. Then you will be responsible for our class discussion. Finally, you will post a collaborative summary of your diablog. Here's a breakdown of point totals for this assignment:

  • Initial summary blog entry = 40 points
  • Follow up posts = 60 points earned through combination of entries (@20 pts), comments (@10 pts) and tweets (@ 5 pts) [example: 1 entry + 3 comments + 2 tweets]
  • Class presentation/discussion = 50 points
  • Collective summary = 50 points
I will distribute a sign-up sheet in class on Tuesday. Diablogs will begin the week of feb 15th.

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