Diedrich Diablog Summary


Hey Reina and everyone! It's time for a Diedrich Diablog Summary! Here I'll take a moment to recount my experience of diablogging.

I actually really enjoy the process of diablogging. I feel that although all readings should be close readings, the diablog forces me to account for my close reading in a particularly productive way. Because we had to post a summary of the reading that attempted to do justice to the complexities and nuances of the arguments of the book, I think I spent more time with the reading thinking about it and generating questions.

It was also really fun to have a discussion on the blog with you, Reina. I wish I'd had more time on Monday to respond to everything and ask more questions, but I feel the discussion was productive and really helped prepare us for class discussion. It also honed me in to different things in the readings I'd missed, or hadn't paid enough attention to, and discussing a reading with others always contributes to everyone's understanding of it, I think. Although it might have been fun to do the diablog with more people, I also liked only doing it with one other person. I think it was more challenging to explore the text with only two people and I feel it pushed me to try to know it better.

It would be really interesting in future to experiment with having a preliminary class discussions about the readings on the blog before the in-class discussion, especially for difficult material. It might help to generate questions about the text and make in-class discussions more lively.


Hey, Chloe. Thanks for starting this thread. I also real enjoyed the diablogging process. It was my first time engaging in an actual "diablog." I wasn't sure exactly how it would work, but once we got going, I really appreciated the process. I was glad to have a partner with which to discuss the text with before our class discussion (especially one like Treatments). Because I have never diablogged before, I'm not sure what it would have been like to diablog with more people. So, I have to say that diablogging with just one person was fine :) And I agree, it allowed me to read the text closer to make sure I was accountable to my diablogging partner. I like your idea of the preliminary class discussions before actual class meetings, Chloe. It would also be useful to have everyone post at least one question (maybe in response to the diablog post for the week) so that we can know where/what people have questions/concerns about. Having everyone post at least one question could help the presenters know where people would like to focus their attention, etc. As far as being more confused or having more questions after the diablogging session, I think I was just so concerned with making sure I was "prepared" for the facilitation that I think I engaged with the text differently- as in less critically and more generally. I found that in class after going through the summary with Chloe, I allowed myself to think critically and sit with the contradictions (I.e. feel confused?) whereas in preparation for our diablog, I was only concerned with completing the work. Does that make sense? What do you think Chloe? Others?

That's interesting, Reina. I didn't think of it that way - engaging with the readings less critically and more generally - but I certainly see your point and I think I agree. Not only was it a lot of text to cover in a relatively short space of time, but we were preparing for a facilitation at which others would also be talking, making for a focus on overall coverage. Do you think it could be done differently next time, like if after we did the general summary on the blog, we could choose small sections to focus on for class discussions and questions? Having everyone post a question to a diablog session before the class discussion is a good idea, too. I originally meant that people could do that for any class reading discussion, but it would work really well for diablogs in particular.

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